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Kevin was 34 years old when he had his brain injury, was married with one child, and worked at Morgan Corporation. The work he did at Morgan Corporation involved painting truck bodies. Kevin continues to have great pride in what he did as a painter and how he was promoted from worker on the assembly line to painter. He held this job as a painter for nearly fifteen years but was never able to go back to work after his injury. Kevin before his injury married just before the accident. He and his wife had a daughter three years earlier, but had felt the maturity and increased sense of responsibility to get married the year before his injury.

One of the major sources of enjoyment for Kevin before his accident was playing sports, in particular basketball. Although he did not go out for the team, he played against the boys on the senior year team, and the coach who saw him play told him he should have went out for the team. One story Kevin recalled from his high school basketball-playing days was when he blocked a guy’s dunk shot. It was such a brilliant move that some people didn’t want to play against him anymore because he was so tough. In fact, at the class reunion, he ran into the guy whose dunk shot he blocked and was approached by him. He remembered the block very vividly and knew that’s why he was approached. He walked away wishing he would have brought up the blocked dunk shot. “That’s why he came up to me, you know what I’m saying?” he said.

In addition to the many hobbies the Kevin before his injury enjoyed, he also owned his own home, which he bought in 1996. He is proud about being able to buy his home and the work he did renovating it himself. He painted the kitchen countertops red and white like barn tile and painted the living room walls, which he admitted to needing to be redone because it didn’t quite match the carpet. See part three for more about his memories in rehab.


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