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Attorney Gordon Johnson is one of the nations leading brain injury advocates. He is Past-Chair of the TBILG, a national group of more than 150 brain injury advocates. He has spoken at numerous brain injury seminars and is the author of some of the most read brain injury web pages on the internet.

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Bus crash on city’s South Side

In a crash involving a CTA bus, eight people were injured at 8:45 a.m. in Chicago’s South Side, reported the Chicago Tribune. The bus crash on the city’s South Side occurred close by 82nd St. and Cottage Grove Ave. when the bus was driving south at 81st and Cottage. The bus was hit by a(…)

Kevin: An Island of High Functioning in a Sea of Severe Brain Injury

The Story of Kevin’s Brain Injury Kevin Part One Several years ago, the Brain Injury Law Group, S.C. tackled a project called TBI Voices, an initiative to record the voices and stories of about 30 people who survived brain injury. Our participants ranged from those with the most catastrophic of outcomes to a few that were classified as(…)

About Kevin Before His Injury

What Kevin Before His Injury Was Like Kevin Part Two Kevin was 34 years old when he had his brain injury, was married with one child, and worked at Morgan Corporation. The work he did at Morgan Corporation involved painting truck bodies. Kevin continues to have great pride in what he did as a painter and how(…)

What new technique are scientists using to study TBI?

New information on traumatic brain injury can be learned from unexpected sources. One is smaller than your fingertip and can fly. The source I am referring to are fruit flies. Fruit flies’ bodies are small but their nervous systems are actually quite complex. They are a great model for genetic mapping and have been used progressively(…)

Memories of Time in Rehab

What is Left of Kevin’s Memories of Time in Rehab Kevin Part Three The length of amnesia is a very good indicator of how serious the brain injury is. A loss of memory for more than a month indicates very serious brain injury. Kevin was in the University Hospital in Madison just over a month.(…)

Behavioral Issues After Severe Brain Injury

Behavioral Issues After Severe Brain Injury

Marriage Ends Over Behavioral Issues After Severe Brain Injury Kevin Part Four Many times a brain injured client can become angry and even violent. In a domestic situation, this kind of problem often ends in marriage issues and divorce. This is very disrupting to the recovery of the patient because they lose most of their support system when(…)

Mohamet IL Car Crash Claims Life of 17-year-old

Early Sunday, a Fisher, IL teen was killed in a Mohamet IL car crash, according to The News Gazette. The Mohamet IL car crash was a single-car rollover accident. The young man involved in the crash veered off the road, and his vehicle rolled over, throwing him from it, the article stated. The boy’s name(…)

Motor and Speech Issues After TBI

Motor and Speech Issues After TBI

Kevin’s Motor and Speech Issues After TBI Create Challenges Kevin Part Five We now turn to the physical manifestations Kevin dealt with in his recovery, which included motor and speech issues after TBI. First was the challenge of relearning to walk. The motor and speech issues after TBI stem from at least two sources. First,(…)

Spectator Memory Helps Severe Brain Injury Cognitive Recovery

Spectator Memory Helps Severe Brain Injury Cognitive Recovery

Severe Brain Injury Cognitive Recovery Improves Relating to Sports Kevin Part Six Many times during the interview, Kevin’s impairment in speech, memory, and insight were noticeable. Yet our perception of his cognitive functioning changed when the interview shifted to talking about sports, particularly of his two favorite Chicago teams, the White Sox and the Bears.(…)

Spectating Based Cognitive Therapy

Spectating Based Cognitive Therapy

Why We Propose Recovery Through Spectating Based Cognitive Therapy Kevin Part Seven By Attorney Gordon Johnson High interest reading is one of the areas being studied in education. Could inner city kids do better in reading if they were reading about topics they loved such as sports? And could the same logic apply to brain(…)