When You Need More than to Get a Check after Brain Injury

Why it is not as Simple as Get a Check After Brain Injury

By Gordon S. Johnson, Jr.

The lawyer on TV, on the side of the bus may say something as catchy as been in crash, need quick cash. The implication in get a check after brain injury is that getting money after you get hurt is simple, fast and easy. While full compensation is unthinkable in any case without a thorough case workup, in a brain injury case it is a huge mistake unless the lawyer takes the full time and effort it takes to properly understand and litigate your case.

The only time a significant brain injury case can be settled without litigation is when the injuries far exceed the insurance policies available. Virtually every other time the nature of the disability and the complexity of understanding the full cognitive, mood, behavioral and physical aspects to brain injury, require complicated and time consuming diagnosis. Most treating doctors will not see the comprehensive nature of the disability. A neurologist may see the abnormal neurological exam, the optometrist the visual disorder, the neuropsychologist the cognitive problems. But without a comprehensive forensic evaluation where the lead expert for the injured person has considered not just all of the other experts opinions, but carefully listened to the words of the brain injured person and his family members, the case cannot be fully understood.

We know brain injury because it is virtually all we do. We know brain injury because we have been doing it for over 20 years. But most important we know brain injury because we have listened to all of you who have been wrongfully forced to live with this life robber. Only through listening to you can your lawyer understand not only the depth of disability, but what you need from him to continue your recovery. Brain injury cases are not about a quick check after brain injury, but building a bridge to a lifetime of recovery.

Demand More of Your Lawyer than Get a Check after Brain Injury

The lawyer who says get a check after brain injury may finish what the defendant started of making a wreck out of your life.


Gordon Johnson

Attorney Gordon Johnson is one of the nations leading brain injury advocates. He is Past-Chair of the TBILG, a national group of more than 150 brain injury advocates. He has spoken at numerous brain injury seminars and is the author of some of the most read brain injury web pages on the internet.

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