Help in Chicago for Coma After Brain Injury

Help for Coma in Illinois

By Gordon S. Johnson, Jr.

If you need help for coma, we are here for you. We have been helping the caregivers and survivors of coma after brain injury for decades. Odds are if you have found us, you are the loved one of someone who is in a coma. If this is you, the one thing you need most right now is a rational basis for hope. What you will need down the road is information about how to deal with the changes that severe brain injury have caused in the coma survivor. Let’s start with the hope.

While there are those who never wake up after coma, the large majority of those who suffer a coma after brain injury do wake up. The news is even better than that, considerably more than half of those people who wake up from coma that last less than one month, have a satisfactory recovery. While that doesn’t mean complete recovery, it does mean that they after an extended rehabilitation (and almost only if they get extended rehabilitation) they will be the person you knew before the accident. Yet, brain damage will be inevitable and brain damage changes a person. We hope that these pages can help you understand the changes that are ahead for you and for them.

We have learned much in our mission of providing help for coma much by listening to the family members and survivors for a generation. We hope that we can help you and help others by listening to you. One of the first things we learned was that in the dark hours of the coma waiting room, the need to know what happened inside the brain is intense. To help you with that, we have provided several pages and videos on brain pathology. The first step in teaching about brain pathology is to understand the uninjured brain.

For a Primer on Brain Anatomy, click here.

For a Neuropathology, click here.




Gordon Johnson

Attorney Gordon Johnson is one of the nations leading brain injury advocates. He is Past-Chair of the TBILG, a national group of more than 150 brain injury advocates. He has spoken at numerous brain injury seminars and is the author of some of the most read brain injury web pages on the internet.

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